Brief text editor

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  Welcome to the home of the Brief text editor famous for its clean look and legendary keystrokes. Below are some good reasons to make Brief your editor:
  • devotes all of the window to your file; no scroll bars, no clutter
  • cut and paste lines or columns
  • play back repetitive tasks with keystroke macros
  • runs inside command prompt windows
  • undo as far back as you need
  • accepts many keystrokes found in popular programs like edit, notepad and visual studio
  • edit large files without any column length limit
  • edit text files formatted for Windows, Unix, Macintosh, and Unicode
  • run your compiler and step to each source code error
  • split the screen into multiple windows
  • find and replace within selected text and use regular expressions
  • edit multiple files at once
  • the entire product is one small file needing no configuration
  • there is lots more so get Brief free


Screen Shots

column marking


compiler demonstration


choose any color combination