Brief text editor

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Release Notes

Version 4.50

  • Supports Unicode files
  • Supports regular expression search and replace, both Brief and Perl syntax
  • Comes with a user manual
  • Preserves unsaved changes if the system is shutdown
  • Detects if a file is modified by another application and allows reload
  • Convert selected text to upper or lower case using Ctrl U and Ctrl L
  • The case sensitivity and insert mode state are preserved when restarting brief
  • Indents when splitting a line
  • The mouse can be used to move the cursor
  • Fix Alt Backspace behavior when used on last word of a line
  • Typing after a search no longer deletes the string found
  • Searching when text selection has started but the cursor has not moved results in the selection being expanded to the match rather than confined to the block
  • Colors do not reset when Brief is started in a different size console
  • The window can be maximized (zoom)
  • Other minor fixes and improvements


Version 4.40

  • Split screen windowing
      Alt Arrow switches to another window
      F2        resizes a window
      F3        opens a window
      F4        closes a window
      Alt F2   
    toggles zoom
      mouse     click to switch windows, double click to zoom a window
  • Search & replace stay within the marked area if one exists
  • Defaults to original brief keys (KeyPad+ copies, Insert pastes, Alt 0..9 set bookmarks, Ctrl Home/End go to start/end of file, and Ctrl PgUp/PgDn go to start/end of page) . The keystroke mappings found in Version 4.00 - 4.02 can be enabled by pressing Ctrl Alt I.
  • New keys:
      Alt P        prints the current file to the printer. If text is marked the marked area is printed.
      Ctrl R      
    sets a repeat count for the next command
      Ctrl K      
    deletes from the cursor to the beginning of the line
      Ctrl F       searches (alternative to F5, Alt S)
      Ctrl F4      closes the current file (alternative to Ctrl -)
      Ctrl Alt M   individual key remapping
      Alt Home/End
    move the cursor to the left/right side of the window respectively
  • The Alt B switch to file popup window now allows files to be selectively saved or closed
  • In addition to the primary F7/F8 keystroke macro, four more programmable keystroke macros can be defined: F11/F12, Alt F7/F8, Alt F11/F12, Ctrl F11/F12
  • Improved installer with a cleaner look and configurable target folder
  • Recognizes more compiler errors from vbscript and pc-lint
  • Alt KeyPad### now allows any ascii character to be inserted from 0..255 except for new line (10 & 13)
  • Marking rows displays the mark all the way to the right edge of the page
  • Compatible with more keyboard layouts including Hungarian and German
  • A dozen other minor fixes and improvements


Version 4.02

  • minor fixes


Version 4.01

  • New keys:
      Tab       advances to the next tab stop
      Shift Tab moves to the previous tab stop
      Ctrl Tab  sets tab length
      Alt Q     expands all tabs in the file
      Alt J     jumps to a bookmark
      Ctrl M    centers the current line in the window
  • Increase cursor size for readability
  • Alt keys now function when caps lock is on
  • The null character can be used for search and replace


Version 4.00

  • First Windows version